Services We Provide

Vehicle Reservations

A Vehicle Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Vehicle & Grounds Manager via email or interoffice mail.

Fueling of College Vehicles

Reserved college vehicles are refueled prior to each use. If your trip requires more than one tank of fuel, a college credit card can be requested when reserving a vehicle. You can also pay for fuel and receive reimbursement via the Internal Claim Voucher. Receipts are required for all fuel purchases, regardless of payment form.

College vehicles do not have a “Same Fuel Level” policy. If you can complete your trip without refueling, please do so. Filling the tank prior to return is not necessary.

College Vehicle Trouble or Failure

If you experience any trouble or failure of a college vehicle while traveling, please call the Vehicle & Grounds Manager at 269.569.1823.

Vehicle Damage & Danger on Campus

For instances of automotive accidents, damage, or vehicle fires, immediately call Public Safety via a Blue Emergency Phone, 488.4575, or 911.