People Treatment

Board Policy 301

Treatment of and dealing with students, staff and citizens from the community, shall not be inhumane, unfair or undignified.

Accordingly, the President may not:

  1. Operate without policies and/or procedures which set forth staff and student rules, provide for effective handling of grievances, ensure due process, and protect against wrongful conditions.
  2. Fail to comply with all state and federal laws, rules and regulations pertaining to employees and students including those pertaining to discrimination and equal opportunity.These laws include, but are not limited to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Equal Employment and Opportunities Act.
  3. Prevent students and staff from using established grievance procedures.
  4. Fail to acquaint students and staff with their rights and responsibilities.
  5. Operate without a harassment policy.
  6. Fail to take prompt and appropriate action when the President becomes aware of any violation of state or federal laws, rules or regulations or of Board policies.