Web Grading Instructions

Browser Requirements

(Note: AOL users may need to exit their AOL browser and use one mentioned above.)

Login to system

  1. My Valley
  2. Username (example: jsmith) 1st initial, max 11 letters of last name
  3. Password
  4. Login

The first time you log into My Valley your initial password will depend on when you were first employed by Kalamazoo Valley.

If you were employed prior to 08/01/12 - Your password will be your six-digit birth date (MMDDYY), if you provided it; or the last 6-digits of your Valley Number.

If you were employed after 08/01/12 - You must first set up a new account and establish a password. To set up your KVCC account, please visit www.kvcc.edu/new. You will be asked to enter the single-use New Account Code (NAC) and Username provided in your welcome letter. (Note: Alternate options may be available to you on the new account setup page if you no longer have your NAC.)

If you need assistance, please bring a photo ID (Driver's License, State ID card or Valley ID card) to one of our computer labs.

Note: Both the VIP and Banner systems have login periods that will expire after approximately 15 minutes of inactivity. You must still periodically click submit to extend your Banner access and click any item within VIP to reactivate the timeout clock.

Change your password

  1. My Links
  2. Change Password
  3. Enter Username 1st initial, max 11 letters of last name; example: jsmith)
  4. Current Password (originally your birthdate MMDDYY)
  5. Type New Password(A minimum combination of 8 characters including at least one letter and one number.
  6. Retype new password to confirm
  7. Change Password

Access Grade Roster

From the My Valley Workplace tab

  1. Faculty Resources: Grade Entry
  2. Select a term from the drop down menu
  3. Submit
  4. Select a course from the drop down menu
  5. Submit
  6. Use scroll bar to view students
To change classes:
  1. Click CRN Selection at bottom of screen
  2. Click Final Grades

Enter Grades

  1. Select grade from drop down menu next to each student's name
    Note: CR or NC grades cannot be assigned unless your course was pre-approved for the Credit/No Credit grade mode. Audit (V) or Withdrawal (W) status as approved by the Admissions, Registration and Records Office is already posted for students. You will not need to assign a grade.
  2. Click Submit often (at least the end of each page)
    The system has a security timeout feature. If your session times out, any unsaved grades will be deleted. By clicking Submit your grades are entered and the clock is reset giving you additional time.

    After you Submit Grades, a message will return at the top of the screen telling you if the save was successful or if errors were encountered. The message "student has not withdrawn from the class" is informational only and does not mean there is an error.
  3. Sample Messages


    "The changes you made were saved successfully."
    "The changes you made were saved successfully. Student has not withdrawn from the class."


    "Your grade submissions have been rejected."
    "A last attendance date is required for the following grade codes(s): 0.0. Please insert a last date of attendance and resubmit your grades."
    "Last Attend Date cannot be earlier than first "You have entered a date in an invalid date format."

    Your grade roster may have more than one page. Click Submit Grades at the end of each page. To move to the next page, click on the appropriate number sequence at the bottom of the student list.

Last Date of Attendance

For students receiving a grade of 0.0, NC or NS
Students who attended:

  1. Click inside Last Attend Date field
  2. Type the last date the student attended your course (MMDDYYYY)
Students who never attended:
  1. Click inside Last Attend Date field
  2. Type the date the course began (MMDDYYYY)
  3. Click inside Attend Hours field and enter a zero
Note: Last date of attendance is required to be in compliance with federal regulations governing Title IV financial aid recipients.

To ensure that all grades have been saved accurately and successfully, please exit after submitting your grades then re-enter the roster and review it one more time. If you missed seeing an error message, the grades may not have been saved. A quick double check now when you can easily make the correction online may save you from having to complete a grade change form for each student later.

To print a copy of the grade roster for your records:

  1. Click Print at the top of the screen

View Student Address

  1. Click student's name
  2. Click final Grades at bottom of screen to return

Log off system

To ensure security you should always logoff when finished

  1. Close the Grade Roster window.
  2. Logout to exit VIP.


Circumstance Action
Grade Changes You may access a grade roster and make changes on the web until the grade entry deadline. Once grades are rolled to student transcripts (indicated by Yes in the Rolled column), you will need to submit a grade change form to make corrections.
Incomplete Contracts When you assign a Incomplete (I), an Incomplete Contract should be filled out, signed and turned in to your Dean's Office. The Dean's Office will forward contracts to the Admissions, Registration and Records Office.
Student is not on grade roster If a student does not appear on your grade roster, you will need to complete a Post Semester Registration and Grade Submission form to give the student permission to register late for your class. Forms are available in the Faculty Office area, Admissions, Registration and Records office (9140-TTC), and the main office of AWH. Please list the grade the student earned on this form. The form requires both your signature and the Dean's signature. Give the completed form to the student to bring to the Admissions, Registration and Records Office with their payment for the class.
Team-taught courses Only the primary instructor can access the grade roster for courses taught by more than one instructor.
Withdrawal exceptions If you wish to allow a student to withdraw late, you will need to write a memo granting permission, obtain the Dean's signature and submit the memo to the Admissions, Registration and Records Office. Leave the student's grade listed as "none."
Grades available to students Grades will be available to students on the web after the final due date. They are not immediately viewable when you post them, they must be rolled as a batch to their transcripts. The date grades will be rolled is published on the Semester Action Dates.

Contacts for additional help

Grade entry assistance Faculty Success Center Technology Lab
(269) 488-4164
ACC - Computer Lab
(269) 373-7814
Grade roster questions Admissions, Registration and Records Office
(269) 488-4281
Last date of attendance questions Financial Aid Office
(269) 488-4340
Internet access questions Computer Center
(269) 488-4451
ACC - Computer Lab
(269) 373-7814
My Valley Access Computer Help Desk
(269) 488-4451
ACC - Computer Lab
(269) 373-7814