Counseling FAQs

Where are counselors located?

Counselors at Kalamazoo Valley Community College are here to assist you in achieving your academic and personal success. Counselors are located in Room 9300 on the Texas Township Campus, Room 109 on the Arcadia Commons Campus and Room 210 on the Bronson Healthy Living Campus.

Do I need an appointment to see a counselor?

Yes, please call 269.488.4040 to schedule an appointment on the Texas Township Campus and Bronson Healthy Living Campus and 269.373.7800 to schedule an appointment at the Arcadia Commons Campus. If you have a quick question, we do offer a limited number of drop in appointments Tuesdays & Wednesdays at the Texas Township Campus from 8:30am - 6:00pm.

When should I see a counselor?

To ensure your success, it is recommended that you meet with a counselor often. Be sure to plan ahead and schedule an appointment at least once a semester or as needed.

Do I have to register online or can I come in?

During the first week of registration for a semester, registration is only available online. After the first week, students have the option of registering online or in person on either campus. Please refer to the Registration Dates each semester for details.

I have previous college credits that I’d like to transfer to Kalamazoo Valley. What do I do?

Students who have attended another college or university should have an official transcript sent to:

  • Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  • 6767 West O Avenue
  • PO Box 4070
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49003-4070
  • Attention: Admissions, Records and Registration Office, Room 9140

Your transcript will be evaluated and equivalent credit will be granted when applicable. For questions, please call 269.488.4407.

I received AP/IB/EFE credits in high school. How do I receive credit at Kalamazoo Valley?

AP Credits: Have your official score report sent to Kalamazoo Valley. Contact Advanced Placement Services at 888.225.5427.

IB Credits: International Baccalaureate test scores are accepted for credit at Kalamazoo Valley. Students should submit an official high school transcript showing their official scores to the Admissions, Records and Registration Office, Room 9140

EFE Credits: Education for Employment certificates should be submitted to the Admissions, Records and Registration Office, Room 9140.

Can I receive credit for my military experience?

Students who have served in the military should turn in a copy of the DD214, or AARTS or SMART transcript to the Admissions, Records and Registration Office, Room 9140

Can I receive credit for my work experience?

Kalamazoo Valley recognizes that learning is acquired through a variety of sources that may have taken place outside of the traditional classroom. Your understanding of skills and abilities may have been attained through work, training, military, non-credit workshops, hobbies, travels and community activities. This experience and knowledge may be equivalent to college level learning and therefore eligible for Kalamazoo Valley credit. Contact the Credit for Prior Learning Office at 269.488.4040 for additional information.

How do I figure out my GPA?

Grade point average is determined by dividing the total number of honor points earned by the number of credits attempted. Honor points are calculated by multiplying the course grade by the course credit hours. For example, if you received a 3.5 in a three credit hour class, it would equal 10.5 honor points. Your cumulative GPA is located at the bottom of your transcript.

How do I change my program of study?

To change your program of study, visit the Student Service Center, the Student Success Center or make an appointment with a counselor.

Why do I need to take general education classes?

General education courses are required for every associate’s degree at Kalamazoo Valley. In addition to learning about your chosen field of study, students are required to take classes in a variety of other areas such as political science, English, math, social science and wellness and physical education. These classes serve to round out your education.