Dropping A Class

Students may drop classes using the self-service feature inside MyValley. They may also drop in person in the Admissions, Registration and Records office (room 9140) or at the Student Service Center in Anna Whitten Hall on the Arcadia Commons campus. The Refund and Withdrawal chart provides deadlines for registration, refunds and withdrawals.

If a student drops during the refund period, they will be issued a 100% refund and the course will not appear on their transcript. Students removing themselves from a class after the refund period are withdrawing and a "W" is recorded on the student's transcript. A withdrawal does not affect their KVCC grade point average. It is highly recommended that students consult with the instructor and a counselor before withdrawing from a class.

Discontinuing class attendance and/or notifying the instructor is not an official drop. A student must complete the paperwork or use the self-service feature. If a student fails to officially drop a course, registration is continued until the end of class and the grade earned is recorded on the student's transcript.

Dropping or withdrawing from classes may result in a loss or reduction in federal aid eligibility, which could result in an over payment owed to the college and/or the federal government. Students are required to repay over payment amounts in a timely manner.

International students should consult with the International Admissions office before dropping or withdrawing from a class. Dropping or withdrawing might jeopardize a student's legal status with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The telephone number for the Kalamazoo Valley USCIS Designated School Official is 269.488.4603. The e-mail address is international@kvcc.edu.