Career Services

To guide students through the career planning process and connect them to meaningful careers.


Assists students in achieving academic and personal success through informed decision making.

Testing Center

We strive to provide the best testing experience possible for our students.


Student Success Center
Providing the tools, resources and personal guidance necessary for your success.

Public Safety

Responsible for security, law enforcement and institutional safety.


Student Relations Coordinator
Investigates and addresses complaints.


Provide one-on-one support to help improve academic performance and attitude toward school.

Transfer Resources

Information, referrals and services to assist students in successfully transferring to Michigan colleges or universities.


Your Campus Store.

Computer Labs

All registered students may use the computers and software available in the student computer labs.


To provide the opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom in a work environment.


The Veteran Support Office can assist you with access to resources at the college and in the community.


Providing a clean, comfortable, and safe learning environment.

Special Services

Support services for students with disabilities.


Available to students at both the Texas Township Campus and the Arcadia Commons Campus.


An employer-sponsored program of on-the-job training and classroom instruction.